Crawl To The St. Paul Art Crawl

Did you miss the premiere screening for “A Cock Tale?” Fear not! I am happy to announce that I will be participating in this year’s St. Paul Art Crawl in Minnesota’s state capital city… drum roll, fire works, taco shells cracking… ST. PAUL!!!!!! No, I don’t just mean that I will going to heckle the performers/artists. That was last year. I have matured 23.4% since then, so I’m transitioning from a heckler... Read More

Twin Cities Zinefest 2010

Since 2004, the Twin Cities Zinefest has welcomed creatives, rebels, musicians and frustrated intellectuals to connect, create and share ideas. As the area’s premiere DIY craft, culture and self-publishing event, Zinefest often features an art show, live music, craft demonstrations, guest speakers and panel discussions. Most importantly, Zinefest plays host to some of the Midwest’s best self-made talent. (NOTE: I totally did not copy this first... Read More