Before A Cock Tale…

This is a condensed version of a video I created for the premiere screening party of “A Cock Tale.” The illustrations were intended to just fill in the gaps between showings, but evolved into a fun way to inform on some back story for the characters involved in the film. Fodder for future cartoons? I hope so. My mind dances with ideas for a “Zombie Bear Hunters” short. Stay tuned. Before A Cock Tale… Illustrations: Greg... Read More

Promo Posters & Doodles

Part of the fun with finishing my animated short film, “A Cock Tale,” is now being able to create promotional material around it. Still not easy, with a very full time job and no time, but here are some doodles and posters I made for “A Cock Tale” and the screening in March. To stay connected with everything going on with the cartoon, please follow me on Twitter. Heck, if you just like bad jokes and obvious observations, follow me... Read More

“A Cock Tale” – Trailer 2

Check out the second trailer for “A Cock Tale,” the new animated short film by Greg Bro. Continue visiting for more information on “A Cock Tale,” as well as free hot dog recipes and a jar of ninja whiskers. “A Cock Tale” – Trailer 2 Read More  Read More

Cartoon Preview: “Cock Tales”

So what should the 3 people who care about my next cartoon come to expect from it? Well, Mom, you should expect a mature animated film about 2 roosters on a farm, so if you guessed alcoholic ponies… YOU ARE INCORRECT, MOM! I personally think it’s a huge improvement over my last animated effort because the animation is better, the design is a lot more thought out, and I spent more time on this script than the 32 minutes I had put towards the... Read More