Machinima: Call of Duty Protestors

In this short I animated for Machinima, people are fed up with Call of Duty and they’re not gonna take it anymore. Please watch and share Machinima’s Call of Duty Protestors. Credits: Animation by Greg Bro Script by Kevin Corrigan Voices by Scott MacDonald Woody Tondorf Michael Casalenuovo Lon Strickland Michah Brooke Matt MacDonald Genna Palmero Daniel Poormon You can read a quick interview I did about the project here. Also, please... Read More

Animation Magazine’s Pitch Party 2010 Results

Welp, Animation Magazine’s Pitch Party 2010 is over and my cartoon pitch… Read More  Read More

Animation Magazine’s Pitch Party 2010

Each summer, Animation Magazine holds a contest, called the Pitch Party, where independent artists are given an opportunity to advertise their animated properties in Animation Magazine, with one lucky (and probably pretty talented) winner being selected to pitch their idea to an animation executive. You also get a free bag of poodle hair and a shovel, but don’t quote me on that. Read More  Read More