ROTCK at LA Indie & TriMedia Film Festivals

I was lucky enough to be invited to 2 more film festivals this upcoming weekend; The LA Indie Shorts Film Fest and the TriMedia Film Festival. I would have loved to attend both, but with “Stuper Powers: Rise of the Chipmunk King” screening on the same day at both festivals, I had to flip a coin to decide which one to go to (LA Indie “won”). So if you happen to be in LA this weekend, please swing by and chest bump me. If you’re in... Read More

L.A. Comedy Shorts Recap

L.A. Comedy Shorts Recap Heading to L.A. Tuesday, April 5: This week I am taking my cartoon, “A Cock Tale,” and heading to the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. I’m also taking my lucky jar of coyote hearts, enough money for a face tattoo, and one fake leg in case I lose a leg and still want to party. That’s how I roll, dammit! I am also ready to battle L.A. traffic and (fingers crossed) get Charlie... Read More