Stuper Powers 21: Secret Stache

In this episode of Stuper Powers, Bob has devoted his entire existence to becoming the ultimate crime fighter and tonight he’s ready to reveal himself to the world. Watch more Stuper Powers here! To stay connected to the latest content from, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or You Tube. To contact me, click here.  Read More

Stuper Powers 11: Gordon Gathers

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, there’s ice cream, opera, chipmunks, and we’ll meet Gordon Gathers, the CEO and founder of the Creamation Creamery. Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 04: Creamation

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, we visit a unique ice cream shop… with extra sprinkles. Read More  Read More

Before A Cock Tale…

This is a condensed version of a video I created for the premiere screening party of “A Cock Tale.” The illustrations were intended to just fill in the gaps between showings, but evolved into a fun way to inform on some back story for the characters involved in the film. Fodder for future cartoons? I hope so. My mind dances with ideas for a “Zombie Bear Hunters” short. Stay tuned. Before A Cock Tale… Illustrations: Greg... Read More