Cartoon Preview: “Cock Tales”

So what should the 3 people who care about my next cartoon come to expect from it? Well, Mom, you should expect a mature animated film about 2 roosters on a farm, so if you guessed alcoholic ponies… YOU ARE INCORRECT, MOM! I personally think it’s a huge improvement over my last animated effort because the animation is better, the design is a lot more thought out, and I spent more time on this script than the 32 minutes I had put towards the... Read More

Animation Magazine’s Pitch Party 2010

Each summer, Animation Magazine holds a contest, called the Pitch Party, where independent artists are given an opportunity to advertise their animated properties in Animation Magazine, with one lucky (and probably pretty talented) winner being selected to pitch their idea to an animation executive. You also get a free bag of poodle hair and a shovel, but don’t quote me on that. Read More  Read More