DreamworksTV’s Neighborhood Super Watch

My new animated DreamworksTV series ‘NEIGHBORHOOD SUPER WATCH’ is now LIVE on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch it here! NHSW is an action adventure comedy about a group of kids who form a superhero team to protect their block from crime… and angry squirrels. Join the gang as they do whatever it takes to keep the neighborhood safe and awesome. And be sure to check back each Sunday for new episodes on Amazon Channels. To stay... Read More

NHSW Visits Literacy Night

Hey, gang! I had the pleasure of visiting Central Elementary School this past week for their “Hot Reads for Cold Nights Literacy Night.” RANT – I think there needs to be more “nights” in that title. I suggest “Hot Knight Reads for Cold Jordan Knight Nights Literacy Night Tonight.” – END RANT Anyway, Central Elementary is in small southern Minnesota town called Stewartville (named after combination of... Read More

Developing Project for DreamWorks TV

DreamWorks TV’s “Neighborhood Super Watch,” created by Greg Bro, is an animated action comedy about 4 friends who form a superhero team to protect their neighborhood from bullies, t-shirt cannons, and lawn gnome vandalism. It won’t be out until next year, but you can follow development photos on The Bro Show Tumblr page or the Neighborhood Super Watch Facebook page. You can also follow Neighborhood Super Watch on Twitter. Keep... Read More