Stuper Powers 09: The Closer

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, police are trying gather information about a new criminal in town and it’s up to the closer to use his unique brand of interrogation to make a suspect spill the beans on the big guy behind it all. Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 08: About Face

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, we meet a man who never has to worry about cutting himself while shaving. Read More  Read More

“A Cock Tale” Premiere Party Recap

I’ve finally made it to the other side of the premiere party for “A Cock Tale” and thankfully it went very well. There was a solid turn out and booing was fairly minimal (if you don’t count my mom). Check out the video and slideshow for a recap on the evening’s events. Video Recap: Videos: Jessi Bro | Photos: Bryann Schlough & Jessi Bro | Editing: Greg Bro | Music: Stereolab & Sleigh Bells Read More  Read More

L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival

I have officially made it into the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, and I could not be more excited. For some background, here’s a paragraph I copied and pasted from the festival’s website. “The L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, the largest comedy film festival in the USA, is dedicated to introducing the newest and hottest comedic talent to the audience and industry in a four-day, fun-packed weekend of screenings, parties, industry... Read More

New Trailer For Premiere Screening Party!

Premiere Screening Party – Trailer I made this new trailer for the Premiere Screening Party in March. It’s… awesome? Read More  Read More

Promo Posters & Doodles

Part of the fun with finishing my animated short film, “A Cock Tale,” is now being able to create promotional material around it. Still not easy, with a very full time job and no time, but here are some doodles and posters I made for “A Cock Tale” and the screening in March. To stay connected with everything going on with the cartoon, please follow me on Twitter. Heck, if you just like bad jokes and obvious observations, follow me... Read More

Premiere Screening Party For “A Cock Tale”

It’s not everyday you get to finish a cartoon about chicken jealousy. Heck, it’s not everyday you get to rub a stick of butter on your face and chase your neighbor, so it’s been a pretty full week for me, to say the least. Anyway, with the cartoon finally wrapping up, it’s time to unveil this sucker onto the masses… or my mom and the two or three other people who actually want to see this thing. So it’s with great... Read More

“A Cock Tale” – Trailer 2

Check out the second trailer for “A Cock Tale,” the new animated short film by Greg Bro. Continue visiting for more information on “A Cock Tale,” as well as free hot dog recipes and a jar of ninja whiskers. “A Cock Tale” – Trailer 2 Read More  Read More

“A Cock Tale” – Trailer 1

Check out the first trailer for “A Cock Tale,” the new animated short film by Greg Bro. Continue visiting for more information on “A Cock Tale,” as well as poems about sandwiches and wizard mischief. “A Cock Tale” – Trailer 1 Read More  Read More

Cartoon Update: Finally Done With Animation

I am finally… FINALLY done with animation on my cartoon. Here’s a huge “duh” proclamation. The hardest, most labor intensive part of making a short animated film is the actual animation part of the equation. Crazy, huh? So one can see why me finally reaching this milestone finds me happier than a clown finding a box of clown stuff or someone bad at analogies finally thinking of a good one. Read More  Read More

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