New Stuper Powers in June!

For the 7 people who actually watch my cartoons, I have some great news. Starting the first Wednesday in June (6/6/2012), I will be releasing all new episodes of “Stuper Powers” here on and on my You Tube Channel! Check back each Wednesday all summer to enjoy the mystery, action, and intrigue of Stuper Powers, ALL in glorious 2-D!! Catch up on Stuper Powers here! Read More  Read More

Watch My 1st Cartoon

In 2005, I finished my 1st cartoon, a Christmas story called “A Good Day’s Work.” This cartoon follows an elf who decides to join the work force hoping to impress his dad enough seize control of their television remote. Check it out and try to ignore the crappy animation… writing… and editing. Happy Holidays! Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 06: Invisiballs

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, there’s hostages in the bank and Invisi-Man is the only hero who can sneak in there to save them. There’s just one… small problem. Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 04: Creamation

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, we visit a unique ice cream shop… with extra sprinkles. Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 03: Captain X-Ray

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, there’s a bomb that’s about to explode and time is running out. There’s only one hero who can save the day. Can he? Tune in to find out. Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 02: Bread Rising

This week’s Stuper Power involves a very specific form of mental telepathy. Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 01: You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry

In honor of the many super hero movies coming out this summer, I thought someone needed to do something about all the super heroes with powers that suck ass. Sure, every kid dreams of having super powers, but most adults learn that not all super powers are that super. Read More  Read More

A Cock Tale

“A Cock Tale” is a comedic animated short film about 2 roosters on a farm and what happens after a lifetime of one living in the shadow of the other. There can be only one top cock on this block. “A Cock Tale” debuted at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival in 2011. To stay connected to the latest content from, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or You Tube. To contact me, click here.  Read More

Premiere Screening Party For “A Cock Tale”

It’s not everyday you get to finish a cartoon about chicken jealousy. Heck, it’s not everyday you get to rub a stick of butter on your face and chase your neighbor, so it’s been a pretty full week for me, to say the least. Anyway, with the cartoon finally wrapping up, it’s time to unveil this sucker onto the masses… or my mom and the two or three other people who actually want to see this thing. So it’s with great... Read More

Cartoon: A Good Day’s Work

In late 2005, I finished my first cartoon, “A Good Day’s Work.” The cartoon’s about an elf who decides to join the work force in hopes of earning his father’s respect enough be able to control the remote control from time to time. Read More  Read More

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