5 Reasons To See “A Cock Tale”

This Friday, March 18th, my animated short film, “A Cock Tale,” will be premiering at the Suburban World Theatre in Uptown Minneapolis, MN. In case you’re debating whether or not to go to the screening party, here are 5 sure fire reasons you should go. Read More  Read More

“A Cock Tale” – Trailer 1

Check out the first trailer for “A Cock Tale,” the new animated short film by Greg Bro. Continue visiting TheBroShow.com for more information on “A Cock Tale,” as well as poems about sandwiches and wizard mischief. “A Cock Tale” – Trailer 1 Read More  Read More

Cartoon Update: Finally Done With Animation

I am finally… FINALLY done with animation on my cartoon. Here’s a huge “duh” proclamation. The hardest, most labor intensive part of making a short animated film is the actual animation part of the equation. Crazy, huh? So one can see why me finally reaching this milestone finds me happier than a clown finding a box of clown stuff or someone bad at analogies finally thinking of a good one. Read More  Read More

Cartoon Update: Hitting The Homestretch

UPDATE: Watch the finished cartoon, “A Cock Tale,” here! If not, puppies might die. Do you want that blood on your hands?! ————————————————————————————— I have finally made it to the homestretch on my cartoon, which is both exhilarating and scary. Seeing a doodle... Read More

Cartoon Preview: “Cock Tales”

So what should the 3 people who care about my next cartoon come to expect from it? Well, Mom, you should expect a mature animated film about 2 roosters on a farm, so if you guessed alcoholic ponies… YOU ARE INCORRECT, MOM! I personally think it’s a huge improvement over my last animated effort because the animation is better, the design is a lot more thought out, and I spent more time on this script than the 32 minutes I had put towards the... Read More