Zombie Bears & Halloween Costume Ideas!

Celebrate Halloween by downloading a spooky desktop background from The Bro Show. If that doesn’t float your boat, we’ve got some costume ideas that will make you the talk of any Halloween extravaganza you attend.

Halloween Desktop Backgrounds:

Zombie Bears

10 Halloween Costume Ideas:

  1. Christine O’Donnell: Remember that old witch costume you have shoved into some crevice towards the back of your closet? Time to dust that sucker off and wear it again this Halloween. Just add an “O’Donnell” name tag, on top of that pretty little witch number, and you’ll seem all topical and stuff when you drunkenly knock your friend’s HDTV off the wall.
  2. Billy Mays: Back in the day, if Sham-Wow guy would have ever ran into Billy Mays in a dark alley, Billy Mays would have made Sham-Wow guy eat a Snuggie™ mashed into a Slap-Chop™, then Billy would have eaten Sham-Wow guy whole. That’s how Billy rolled; he ate people after making them eat a Snuggie™ mashed into a Slap-Chop™. He could also deflect ninja shurikens and STDs with his beard, crap Nintendo Wiis on command, and bankrupt an entire village with words and mischief. That was Billy Mays. Honor him by being him.

    Billy Mays As Seen In Heaven

  3. Brett Favre: Find a shirt with a #4 on it, get yourself a new pair of Wranglers™ (or Danglers™) jeans, and you’re in the game. Add a little relevancy by texting people all night. Just make sure not to text any pictures of your crocks to your grandma. Whoo. Almost forgot that “R” there. Hey oh!!
  4. Crispin Glover: He was the dad in Back To The Future and he also did this.

  5. The “Rent’s Too Damn High Guy: That amazing facial hair is screaming to be a part of your Halloween attire. Plus, he’s B.S.C. (bat shit crazy).

    The Rent's Too Damn High Guy

  6. Steven Seagal, Post Sex-Change : We all know it’s bound to happen, so why not preemptively embody that with your Halloween attire? Of course, if you happen to cross paths with the real Ms. Seagal, you will have your clavicle shattered in about 3 seconds. Worth the risk though, I say.
  7. Justin Bieber: Who the hell is this kid? I am being serious. He could walk up to me on the street, throw a piece of cake at my face, and I still wouldn’t know him from all the other people who do that to me everyday. Note, I am listening to this right now.

  8. Recently Attacked By A Bear, Miley Cyrus: Statistics say that Miley Cyrus will probably never be attacked by a bear, but statistics also used to say electricity would never be discovered by Ben Franklin. So look to the future, baby! Soon we’ll be able to turn mustaches into gold and Miley Cyrus will be attacked by a god dammed bear!! The world will be awesome!
  9. C & C Music Factory: Get a group of friends together and party like it’s 1995. Here’s some inspiration.

  10. Zombie Gary Coleman: Too soon? Yeaaaah. Probably.

If none of these work, just be a damn clown. Have a safe and happy Halloween.

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