NHSW Visits Literacy Night


Hey, gang!

I had the pleasure of visiting Central Elementary School this past week for their “Hot Reads for Cold Nights Literacy Night.” RANT – I think there needs to be more “nights” in that title. I suggest “Hot Knight Reads for Cold Jordan Knight Nights Literacy Night Tonight.” – END RANT

Anyway, Central Elementary is in small southern Minnesota town called Stewartville (named after combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served in the resultant gravy AND art), which also happens to be the town I grew up in. It was fun to be able to stomp around my old stomping grounds, see some familiar faces, and meet some new ones.

While there, I showed the kids a short preview of my new DreamWorks TV (for YouTube) series, Neighborhood Super Watch (NHSW), walked them through how I go about making toons, then showed them how to draw Billy, a character from NHSW. It was a BLAST!!! There’s some promising little artists coming out of Stewartville, so I may have to hire some of them to do in-betweens before they get too expensive.

It was a bit surreal to be talking about my new toon in the same room I used to sit in while I was in grade school. I can remember the countless hours of me feigning attention while covering the pages of my notebooks with nonsense doodles, never imagining there’d be a day where I’d be in that same room presenting to an assemblage of kids about a cartoon I was making… as they feigned attention and doodled cats. Upon reflection, that was pretty damn cool. Thanks to all the parents and kids who came out to support literacy and for making it such a fun event for me to be a part of. Hopefully I will be back again soon.

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