L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival 2012

StuperPowersPosterI am pleased to announce that 2 episodes of Stuper Powers, “Rise Of The Chipmunk King” and “Invisiballs,” will be screening at this year’s L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival. I was lucky enough to attend last year (read my diary from last year) and my abs have only recently recovered from laughing so hard. If you happen to be in Los Angeles the weekend of April 26-29, do yourself a favor and check this festival out. Sure, I would love for you to come just to see my cartoons, but regardless what days you come, you’re in for lots of laughs, talented people, and a great time.

For anyone interesting in new Stuper Powers, I will have information out very soon about when to expect new episodes AND a when I will be having another screening party in Minneapolis, MN. Lots of fun stuff coming up, so stay tuned. Cheers!

LA Comedy Shorts


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  1. Zach says:

    Congrats on winning man! You totally deserved it and I can’t wait to see everything else!

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