Cartoon Update: Hitting The Homestretch

Cartoon Rooster

UPDATE: Watch the finished cartoon, “A Cock Tale,” here! If not, puppies might die. Do you want that blood on your hands?!
I have finally made it to the homestretch on my cartoon, which is both exhilarating and scary. Seeing a doodle I made in college (of a buff rooster using a pelvic thrust to impregnate a chicken that’s 10 feet away) evolve into an 11-minute long cartoon has been a thrill. The homestretch is scary though because races can be won or lost in that homestretch. Me nailing the final bits on this project could mean the difference between it being good or it being a complete piece of crap, so it’s important to remain enthusiastic about the project and stubborn about keeping the quality level high all the way to the end. With an 11-minute cartoon, that’s easier said than done.

How much is left to be done? I have about a month left on actual animation, assuming the beautiful weather doesn’t lure me from my work too often. I live in Minnesota, so who could blame me for wanting to enjoy the 3 months of good weather we have here? Then it’s on to sound effects and the music portion of this project. I am guessing those phases will take about a month or so combined, which puts the finish date for this project somewhere in the early fall of this year, assuming I don’t get eaten by a bear.

Every single phase of this project has been a learning process and a fight to get better, but, for the music portion, I am so lucky to at have Zeb Cruikshank composing the score for this animated project. This is good because I am awful at guitar and me beat boxing an entire score might not go over so well. The next cartoon, perhaps? Anyhoo, Zeb is a musical virtuoso. He doesn’t have a lot of experience scoring animations or films, but his amazing sense of humor and brilliant musical mind have allowed him to adapt impressively fast. The guy’s a machine. I am really anxious to see where the score goes, but I have no doubts that Zeb will nail it. My job is to make this something that he can be proud to have his name attached to.

Continue visiting for the latest information on “Cock Tales.” I promise more frequent content once this project wraps up.


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