Animation Magazine’s Pitch Party 2010 Results

Animation Magazine's Pitch Party 2010 Results
Welp, Animation Magazine’s Pitch Party 2010 is over and my cartoon pitch… drum roll… didn’t win. I know. I know. How can an idea with robots and puppies not win? Not everyone likes little allergic kids in hamster balls who use robots to run pet stores. It’s OK. This is America, after all. If you like, you can read a little bit about my un-award winning pitch right here.

Yes, I am sad not to win, but am happy with the experience and for the talented artists who won and now get to pitch their ideas. Next year though, I am going to bring the thunder with ideas what will rock brains and melt armpit hair. Oh yeah! Get ready, world!!!

Possible Pitch Ideas For 2011:
  • Grilled Cheese Ninjas: A man is cursed with a beard thats shavings turn into little grilled cheese ninjas who try to take over the world.
  • Taco Police: They are tacos… dressed like cops. Nuff said.
  • Waffle Enforcement: This is totally different than Taco Police because it’s waffles and the word “Enforcement” instead of “Police.” My friend, AJ, showed off his mastery of Painter with this wicked poster. This could be the next Avatar, people. Blue nude aliens in 3D is cool… but waffles? Heads would explode in delight.
  • Dr. Pimple: Arthur is going through his awkward phase, but luckily the pimple that’s taken over the middle of his forehead is also a very qualified psychiatrist. Once Oprah discovers him, there’s nothing to stop Dr. Pimple from going straight to the top… until Arthur stops rubbing bacon grease on his face and eating 3 pounds of candy for every meal.
  • Family Ties… on MARS!!: It’s pretty much exactly like Family Ties, but on Mars. This sounds less cool when I type it out.

I could keep going, but 5 seems like a good cap number for today’s list. I can feel that Oscar trophy in my hand already… or maybe that’s a can of Tab™.

Check out the winners for Animation Magazine’s Pitch Party 2010.

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3 Responses to “Animation Magazine’s Pitch Party 2010 Results”
  1. AJ says:

    WAFFLE ENFORCEMENT!!!!!!! It has got winner written all over it!

  2. ak says:

    Grilled Cheese Ninjas by a billion – beards and sandwiches? UNBEATABLE

  3. schloo says:

    I live inside a small weiner dog with wings.

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