L.A. Comedy Shorts Recap

L.A. Comedy Shorts Recap

Heading to L.A.

Tuesday, April 5:

LA Comedy Shorts Film FestivalThis week I am taking my cartoon, “A Cock Tale,” and heading to the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival in Los Angeles, California. I’m also taking my lucky jar of coyote hearts, enough money for a face tattoo, and one fake leg in case I lose a leg and still want to party. That’s how I roll, dammit! I am also ready to battle L.A. traffic and (fingers crossed) get Charlie Sheen to sign my crack pipe (that’s a joke, btw. I hate Charlie Sheen and would much rather have someone cool, like Betty White, sign my crack pipe).

Admittedly, I have a lot to learn about L.A., considering I only know 4 L.A. things…

  1. Demons were invented there.
  2. Silicon and chap stick are currency.
  3. Lindsay Lohan will sleep with anyone who has a face.
  4. The entire city smells like cinnamon and shattered dreams.

I got all those L.A. facts/things from Wikipedia, so they must be true, right? Yeaaaah. Anyway, if you want to know how things are going out there, keep checking back on The Bro Blog (aka, this link) and read all about the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival, assuming I am sober enough to type words into a laptop. Regardless, there will be more words on this page. PEACE!

On The Road…errr… Sky

Wednesday, April 6… late

Wilford BrimleyWhat a long day! I rolled out early, got a work out in, went to my day job for 8 hours-ish, got home to pack quick, then made my way to the airport to fly to Los Angeles. I thankfully avoided the rubber glove treatment while going through airline security. Oddly, I was upgraded to first class, so I ate a complete Thanksgiving meal, had a few vodka tonics, then enough coffees to ensure I wouldn’t fall asleep. Best… flight… ever!

The flight was as smooth as a baby’s elbow, dropping me safely into Los Angeles, California around 11:15 PM local time. I think everyone should experience L.A. for the first time this way; groggy, very tired, and filled with enough turkey to make you blind in one eye. It’s really the only way. Fast forward from car ride to head hitting pillow, hopefully sans any dreams involving a topless Wilford Brimley (or with, depending on what song he’s singing). Beggars can’t be something whatevers, right? Thus ends my long day. Tomorrow I do L.A. things in L.A!

My Car

Thursday, April 7

This is my car. It’s made of jolly ranchers and envelope glue. It takes a “special” car to turn heads in Los Angeles. Thank you, Budget Car Rental!
Jolly Rancher Car

Starbucks and Web Access

Saturday, April 9… 6ish

Hurray, web access! I think mine is the only hotel room on the face of the earth with no web access. I could plug in and do AOL dial up, but I am instead opting for a quick post from a Starbucks. That will probably yield a nonsensical orgy of grammatical errors and irreverent point… so pretty much no different than every other post I make.

The festival has been really great so far. I have met a boat load of people, seen a lot of amazing films, and drank my fair share of 5 hour energy drinks, coffees, and cocktails made with free whiskey (one of the sponsors is a whiskey company). All in all, awesome time. There have been a lot of interesting panels too, not to mention lots of celebrity sightings. This morning I got coffee with Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall) in line behind me. I wanted to tell him how much I loved his films and his show, but instead opted for a very awkward “Hey… sup.” Yep. I am the rainmaker!!!

Oh, how I love being socially awkward. I am a ninja when it comes to that. Thankfully there are lots of people who are all about networking, so despite my horrid networking skills, I still can’t help but meet folks. Aaaand whiskey exists, so I shall not be denied, dammit!!

My film shows tomorrow so I am pretty exited. It would have been cool to have it shown early so folks I meet had some context for what I do, but there’s a lot of honor in getting to be on the last day. It’s been something to look forward to all weekend, so I’m hoping people respond favorable. Either way, I cannot wait to get to work on my next project. If this trip has done anything, it’s galvanized my focus.

I’m about to get kicked out of Starbucks. Why do I have to yell what I am typing while I type it?? “Cause you’re an idiot,” says the old Asian woman looking me in the eyes. PEACE!

And The Envelope, Please…

Sunday, April 10

I finally got through the day of my screening and it went well… I think. My film showed during the second block of films on the last day of the festival, so I anticipated it all weekend. During the showing, I couldn’t help but neurotically measure every gulp, gasp, snicker, pause, and nuanced audio output during the 11-minutes my cartoon screened. It was a nerve wracking, stomach turning, uncomfortable moment, but it was also overwhelmingly amazing. A bit surreal, to be quite honest. That experience will be one I carry around in my guts for a while.

After films show, there’s a mini Q and A session where all the filmmakers from that block go to the front of the room and the audience throws questions at them. I blacked out the few minutes that entailed mine, as my brain processed the whole experience leading up to that moment, but I don’t think I offended anyone with any of my responses, so we’ll mark that as a win.

The evening of the final day was the awards show. I walked my first red carpet, shook a lot of hands, got some great feedback on the toon, and rubbed elbows with some insanely talented writers and filmmakers. I just hope a little of that talent rubs off on me. A few free drinks and social awkward moments later, it was time for the awards show, which was an interesting affair to say the least. As half nude men danced around in their underwear, I laughed at the absurdity of how me sitting in a room in Minnesota, spending endless hours working on a silly cartoon, got me sitting in another room in L.A., surrounded by half nude men dancing in their underwear. Now, I wish it’d taken me up to the stage to win the award for best animated short, but, this year, it was not meant to be. I was sad, but more so happy for all the wonderful people who did win… aaaand the free booze.
Greg Bro Red CarpetPlease check out the best animation, by Chris Lagarce, from this year’s L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival! Great stuff. Congratulations, Chris. Now… I need to get some sleep. Tomorrow it’s back to Minnesota.

Photos From L.A.

Thanks to the event organizers, Jeannie Roshar, Ryan Higman, Gary Anthony Williams, not to mention their amazing staff, for all the amazing work they did in putting together the L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival. I was honored to be a part of it and will work hard to be a part of it again next year. Cheers!

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