Animation Magazine’s Pitch Party 2010

Pet Shop Cartoon

Each summer, Animation Magazine holds a contest, called the Pitch Party, where independent artists are given an opportunity to advertise their animated properties in Animation Magazine, with one lucky (and probably pretty talented) winner being selected to pitch their idea to an animation executive. You also get a free bag of poodle hair and a shovel, but don’t quote me on that.

Animation Magazine Pitch Party Vote
Any hoo, I’ve been working like a mad man trying to finishing my animated short film (should be done in August, btw) and, needing a temporary creative break, decided to enter another idea into this year’s pitch contest. The basic premise for “Rusty’s Robot Operated Pet Shop” centers around a little boy, Rusty, who loves animals and wants to run his own pet shop, but can’t because he’s very allergic to them. Not one to give up on a dream, Rusty uses his unique robot building skill set to create an entire staff or robots that will help him live out his dream of running his very own pet shop. Within the staff are robots outfitted with their own mundane skills and uniquely human emotions and personalities. Also, there are a lot of cute puppies.

So, if you have time, vote for me… a lot. Like 23 times. 24 may be a bit much, but 23 is the exact number of times anyone liking ‘allergic kids in hamster balls mixed with robots and sprinkled with a dash of cute animals’ should vote.

Vote for “Rusty’s Robot Operated Pet Shop!”
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Any and all votes are appreciated, but, in all seriousness, check out the contest and vote for any of the cool artists on there. There’s some fun stuff. Cheers!

UPDATE 6/23/10: The online portion of the Pitch Party is now CLOSED! Thanks to anyone who voted for “Rusty’s Robot Operated Pet Shop.”

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  1. Jess says:

    I voted for you 23.7 times. That’s *just* under 24.

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