“A Cock Tale” Premiere Party Recap

I’ve finally made it to the other side of the premiere party for “A Cock Tale” and thankfully it went very well. There was a solid turn out and booing was fairly minimal (if you don’t count my mom). Check out the video and slideshow for a recap on the evening’s events.

Video Recap:

Videos: Jessi Bro | Photos: Bryann Schlough & Jessi Bro | Editing: Greg Bro | Music: Stereolab & Sleigh Bells

Slideshow Recap:

Photos: Bryann Schlough & Jessi Bro

Thank you!

Thanks to all the wonderful people who made the screening event such a success. People drove long distances, maneuvered some challenging parking logistics, and forked over an insane cover charge at the door. It meant a lot that they’d make this event a part of their Friday evenings, so thank you to everyone who came. I greatly appreciated the support.

Thank you to my beautiful wife, Jessi, for all her organizing, planning, and patience in helping me put this event together, not to mention documenting the event with pictures and video. There’s no way the evening would have come together so swimmingly without you.

Thank you to the evening’s DJ, Alex Kretchmer. His mastery of the volume knob was second to none. Throw in his mad impromptu roadie skills and you have a key player in the evening’s success. Thank you, sir!

Thank you to Bryann Schlough for taking so many amazing pictures throughout the event. Fantastic work! You were a Jedi with that camera.

Thank you to Aaron Halda, my bro-in-law, for selling shirts. He could sell a ketchup Popsicle to a woman in white gloves (©Tommy Boy)… or a crappy t-shirt to anyone with $10. You have a gift, my friend. Cherish it.

Thank you to Citypages for promoting the event. It was a huge help, not to mention, a huge honor.

Thank you to the Suburban World Theatre for hosting the event (and letting us stay open an hour and a half later than the contract said we could). You guys rule!

Thank you to Zeb Cruikshank for his killer film score. You are a freak of nature. I can’t thank you enough for your patience, hard work, and brilliance. Fantastic work, Z.

Thank you to Brian Carlson for giving the Fox life. Words on a page are nothing until a performance brings them to life, so thank you for helping me frighten my neighbors.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to my parents, my parent-in-laws, my family, my friends, my co-workers (current and former), and anyone else I forgot to mention, for all your continued support in getting to this evening. Friday marked a milestone in the time line of this project, but it’s also marked the beginning of a journey only made possible by all of your continued support. Thank you!

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