Cartoon Preview: “Cock Tales”

Chicken with guns

So what should the 3 people who care about my next cartoon come to expect from it? Well, Mom, you should expect a mature animated film about 2 roosters on a farm, so if you guessed alcoholic ponies… YOU ARE INCORRECT, MOM! I personally think it’s a huge improvement over my last animated effort because the animation is better, the design is a lot more thought out, and I spent more time on this script than the 32 minutes I had put towards the script for “A Good Day’s Work.” Funny how that can help the storytelling, huh?

The new cartoon, currently entitled “Cock Tales,” is an 11-minute short about 2 roosters on a farm, where one harbors jealousy towards the other and hatches a murder plot to snuff him out. It’s a tale of revenge, chicks, and pregnant horses. What’s not to love?

I can’t wait for people to check it out! After that, depending how it’s received, I would love to tell some shorter stories, with a few of the characters from this cartoon, OR just try something completely different. You get a little creatively backed up when working on such a long, laborious project, as any writer/artist/belly dancer probably knows.

Continue visiting for the latest information on “Cock Tales.” Here are some preview images, so feel free to print out copies of each jpg, and then eat them to harness their powers. Powers include vomiting copy paper.


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