Premiere Screening Party For “A Cock Tale”

Cartoon Rooster Promotional PosterCartoon Rooster Promotional Poster 2It’s not everyday you get to finish a cartoon about chicken jealousy. Heck, it’s not everyday you get to rub a stick of butter on your face and chase your neighbor, so it’s been a pretty full week for me, to say the least. Anyway, with the cartoon finally wrapping up, it’s time to unveil this sucker onto the masses… or my mom and the two or three other people who actually want to see this thing. So it’s with great excitement to announce that on Friday, March 18, I will be screening my animated short film, “A Cock Tale,” at the Suburban World Theatre in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, MN. You can view the trailer here.

The Suburban World Theatre is a charming little theater that, on weekend mornings, shows old cartoons while serving hot breakfast eats. I feel like a little kid every time I go there, so it’s a personal honor to be be able to screen my own cartoon there.

On Friday, March 18, come on by the Suburban World Theatre, between 7:00 and 9:00PM, and catch a screening of my latest film. I will be screening it at 7:15, 7:45, 8:15, and 8:45.

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Screening Info:


Premiere of my animated short film, “A Cock Tale”
21+ Show!


Friday, March 18, 2011 : 7pm – 9pm
Screenings at 7:15, 7:45, 8:15, and 8:45


The Suburban World Theatre
3022 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55408
Directions to Suburban World Theatre


Admission is free.


Because it’s a Friday, it’s in Uptown, chickens are awesome, and cartoons about them are even more awesome. Do you really need any more reasons why? Please say “no” so I can stop typing.

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