SoDak Animation Festival Recap

This weekend I was lucky enough to be screening in 2 festivals; the 3rd Annual SoDak Animation Festival and the Dark Carnival Film Festival. Since cloning doesn’t exist and I could only make it to one, I decided I’d take part in the SoDak Animation Festival held in Brookings, South Dakota. There, I screened my animated short, “A Cock Tale,” which I’d... Read More

A Cock Tale

“A Cock Tale” is a comedic animated short film about 2 roosters on a farm and what happens after a lifetime of one living in the shadow of the other. There can be only one top cock on this block. “A Cock Tale” debuted at the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival in 2011. To stay connected to the latest content from, follow us on... Read More

Crawl To The St. Paul Art Crawl

Did you miss the premiere screening for “A Cock Tale?” Fear not! I am happy to announce that I will be participating in this year’s St. Paul Art Crawl in Minnesota’s state capital city… drum roll, fire works, taco shells cracking… ST. PAUL!!!!!! No, I don’t just mean that I will going to heckle the performers/artists. That was last year.... Read More

Before A Cock Tale…

This is a condensed version of a video I created for the premiere screening party of “A Cock Tale.” The illustrations were intended to just fill in the gaps between showings, but evolved into a fun way to inform on some back story for the characters involved in the film. Fodder for future cartoons? I hope so. My mind dances with ideas for a “Zombie Bear Hunters”... Read More

“A Cock Tale” Premiere Party Recap

I’ve finally made it to the other side of the premiere party for “A Cock Tale” and thankfully it went very well. There was a solid turn out and booing was fairly minimal (if you don’t count my mom). Check out the video and slideshow for a recap on the evening’s events. Video Recap: Videos: Jessi Bro | Photos: Bryann Schlough & Jessi Bro | Editing:... Read More

New Trailer For Premiere Screening Party!

Premiere Screening Party – Trailer I made this new trailer for the Premiere Screening Party in March. It’s… awesome? Read More  Read More

“A Cock Tale” – Trailer 2

Check out the second trailer for “A Cock Tale,” the new animated short film by Greg Bro. Continue visiting for more information on “A Cock Tale,” as well as free hot dog recipes and a jar of ninja whiskers. “A Cock Tale” – Trailer 2 Read More  Read More

“A Cock Tale” – Trailer 1

Check out the first trailer for “A Cock Tale,” the new animated short film by Greg Bro. Continue visiting for more information on “A Cock Tale,” as well as poems about sandwiches and wizard mischief. “A Cock Tale” – Trailer 1 Read More  Read More

Cartoon Update: Hitting The Homestretch

UPDATE: Watch the finished cartoon, “A Cock Tale,” here! If not, puppies might die. Do you want that blood on your hands?! ————————————————————————————— I have finally made it to the homestretch... Read More