Cartoon Update: Finally Done With Animation

I am finally… FINALLY done with animation on my cartoon. Here’s a huge “duh” proclamation. The hardest, most labor intensive part of making a short animated film is the actual animation part of the equation. Crazy, huh? So one can see why me finally reaching this milestone finds me happier than a clown finding a box of clown stuff or someone bad at analogies... Read More

Cartoon Update: Hitting The Homestretch

UPDATE: Watch the finished cartoon, “A Cock Tale,” here! If not, puppies might die. Do you want that blood on your hands?! ————————————————————————————— I have finally made it to the homestretch... Read More

Cartoon Preview: “Cock Tales”

So what should the 3 people who care about my next cartoon come to expect from it? Well, Mom, you should expect a mature animated film about 2 roosters on a farm, so if you guessed alcoholic ponies… YOU ARE INCORRECT, MOM! I personally think it’s a huge improvement over my last animated effort because the animation is better, the design is a lot more thought out, and I... Read More