Chipmunk King Crowned Winner At LACS 2012

I am proud to announce that my animated short, “Rise Of The Chipmunk King,” won “Best Animated Comedy Short” at 2012’s L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival! I am still in a joy fog. Winning this award capped off a wonderful weekend of hilarious films, talented filmmakers, and new friendships. It’s an experience that I will carry around in my thought chasm for a while to... Read More

L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival 2012

I am pleased to announce that 2 episodes of Stuper Powers, “Rise Of The Chipmunk King” and “Invisiballs,” will be screening at this year’s L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival. I was lucky enough to attend last year (read my diary from last year) and my abs have only recently recovered from laughing so hard. If you happen to be in Los Angeles the weekend of April 26-29, do... Read More

NEW Stuper Powers Page

Check out the new and AWESOME section for Stuper Powers. All episodes, old and new, will live here, so bookmark this shiz and be privy to a wonderful world of chipmunks, cops, balls, and seagulls. And, if you love karma and pudding, please pass this page along. I need all the support I can get. Cheers!  Read More

Will Dinski Draws The Chipmunk King

Check out this wicked drawing by comic book writer/artist/ninja extraordinaire, Will Dinski. Thanks for the great art, Will!! The Chipmunk King’s never looked so handsome. Visit Will’s site to learn more about his amazing work. Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 12: Gathering Gordon

The Chipmunk King returns to kidnap Gordon Gathers and continue his reign of chaos across The City. Startling revelations, epic battles, and pancakes are afoot in the summer finale of Stuper Powers. Watch more Stuper Powers here! To stay connected to the latest content from, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or YouTube. To contact me, click here.  Read More

Stuper Powers 11: Gordon Gathers

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, there’s ice cream, opera, chipmunks, and we’ll meet Gordon Gathers, the CEO and founder of the Creamation Creamery. Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 10: The Catman

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, The Catman is hunting for the mastermind behind The City’s latest crime spree. Will he snare his prey? Watch now to find out. Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 09: The Closer

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, police are trying gather information about a new criminal in town and it’s up to the closer to use his unique brand of interrogation to make a suspect spill the beans on the big guy behind it all. Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 08: About Face

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, we meet a man who never has to worry about cutting himself while shaving. Read More  Read More

Stuper Powers 07: Rise Of The Chipmunk King

In this week’s episode of Stuper Powers, a boy must face a bully and conquer all his fears, no matter what the cost. This short was the winner of the “Best Animated Comedy Short” at the 2012 L.A. Comedy Shorts Film Festival. Read More  Read More